Healthy Ageing


Aims and Scope


To engage in research about healthy ageing and the development of frailty in older age so as to enable people to live longer, healthier and socially connected lives in safe environments.



Key Focuses


  • Use the GMCA Ageing Hub Places and Communities approach to Ageing Well in Greater Manchester as a framework for our research.
  • Develop evidence of what works to reduce risk of poor health and wellbeing, reduce morbidity and frailty for those approaching later life between 50-69 years in Greater Manchester, aligned to the aims of the Centre for Ageing Better and GM Population Health Plan.
  • Advance GM research capacity in pathways to Healthy Ageing and acting as a hub of knowledge for stakeholders including older adults


Meet the Team


Theme Lead: Chris Todd

Deput Lead: Dr Emma Vardy

Programme Manager: Alison Littlewood


For more information please contact: