Mental Health


Aims and Scope


To develop, evaluate and implement new initiatives to protect, sustain and improve mental health and resilience in local communities, marginalised populations and patient groups.



Key Focuses


  • Prevention - Promotion, protection and enhancement of Children and Young Peoples (CYP) mental health. A critical step in mental health promotion is understanding the mental health literacy needs and help-seeking behaviours of upcoming generations.
  • Access: - Access remains a fundamental driver of effective mental health services. We will complement our prevention and promotion research, with research-led improvements for those who subsequently seek help.
  • Integration: - Long-standing deficits in the physical healthcare of people with mental illness contribute to substantial health inequalities. We plan to extend our work on prevention and access to facilitate integrated and holistic care for those in contact with mental health services.

Meet the Team


Theme Lead: Karina Lovell 

Deputy Theme Lead: Penny Bee 

Programme Manager: Alison Littlewood


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