News 2019

AKI Post-discharge Guidance
Helping people stay in good health when looking after someone towards the end of life: project to summarise and report current knowledge
Salford-wide extended access pilot: clinical audit report
ANNOUNCEMENT: NIHR funding agreed for Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) for Greater Manchester
Survey reveals NHS research and innovation priorities
GP experiences of their working lives in Greater Manchester; how do they differ from the national picture?
Salford primary care workforce study: Contribution to a safer Salford
Integration in Manchester - New Report here!
Findings for our Bury AKI Project - Report now available!
Improving Leg Ulcer Management In community Nursing and podiatry (ILUMIN)
Cohort 4 - New Interns and their Backgrounds!
Salford-wide extended access pilot
Launch of new Carer Support Needs Assessment Tool (CSNAT) Approach Training and Implementation Toolkit for practitioners supporting family carers in everyday practice
‘Our Work Our Impact’: download our new project review document now