Implementing a heart failure alert card

What did we do?
We worked with community heart failure specialist nurses on a 12 month project to improve the communication and transition of care for patients between the primary, community and secondary care divide by introducing a heart failure alert card.

Why was it important?
Heart failure is a major public health problem in the United Kingdom. The British Heart Foundation estimates that there are 68,000 new cases each year. The national heart failure audit 2010 outlined that of all acute heart failure hospital admissions in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, less than 20% of people are followed-up by a specialist service after discharge.

How did we do it?
The heart failure alert card is a simple credit card size identification tool which patients under the care of the community heart failure specialist nurses team at UHSM could show to hospital staff. The aim of the card was to improve multi-professional input into patients’ admission, inpatient care and discharge.

Who did we work with?
University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


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More information
For more information please contact Lorraine Burey (Project Manager).

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