Impaired glucose tolerance – Salford Care Call

What did we do?
We developed an intervention that aimed to delay or reduce the risk of people with IGT developing type 2 diabetes. Impaired Glucose Tolerance means that blood glucose is raised beyond normal levels, but not high enough to warrant a diabetes diagnosis.

Why was it important?
In 2010, 2.26 million people in England (5.54% of the population) were registered with a diagnosis of diabetes. The prevalence of diabetes in England among adults is predicted to rise to 8.5% by 2020 and 9.5% by 2030. Evidence suggests that in the absence of any lifestyle advice or pharmacological intervention about 50% of people with IGT will develop type 2 diabetes in five to ten years.

How did we do it?
Working with Salford Diabetes Care, we developed and implemented a telephone-based lifestyle intervention for patients diagnosed with IGT. The IGT care call service adapted an existing care call service and developed evidence-based scripts to provide educational messages, specifically for people with IGT.

Who did we work with?
NHS Salford CCG
Salford Diabetes Care


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More information
For more information please contact Michael Spence (Programme Manager).

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