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Remote monitoring data from cardiac implantable electronic devices predicts all-cause mortality
Trends in survival of older care home residents in England: a 10-year multi-cohort study

Author(s): Espuny-Pujol F, Hancock R & Morciano M

Journal: Social Science and Medicine

Work completed under ARC-GM


Market concentration, supply, quality and prices paid by Local Authorities in the English care home market
‘Real-world’ priority setting for service improvement in English primary care: a decentred approach

Author(s): Kislov R, Checkland K, Wilson P & Howard S

Journal: Public Management Review

Work completed under ARC-GM


The theoretical basis of a nationally implemented type 2 diabetes prevention programme: how is the programme expected to produce changes in behaviour?
Corona and Coffee on your commute: A spatial analysis of COVID-19 mortality and commuting flows in England in 2020

Author(s): Francetic I & Munford L

Journal: European Journal of Public Health

Work completed under ARC-GM


Boundary organising in healthcare: theoretical perspectives, empirical insights and future prospects
Effects of BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine on Covid-19 infection and hospitalisation among older people: matched case control study for England
The effects of structure, process and outcome incentives on primary care referrals to a national prevention programme
The clinical and cardiometabolic risk of children and young people on mental health inpatient units: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Ethnic inequalities in health-related quality of life among older adults in England: secondary analysis of a national cross-sectional survey
On the borderline of diabetes: understanding how individuals resist and reframe diabetes risk
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