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Understanding context in quality improvement: Ethnographic hospital case studies of AKI improvement initiatives

Managing Acute Kidney Injury Together (MAKIT) for better health

Presenter(s): Sykes L, Weisshaar C, Blakeman T, Bailey S, Brisley A

Venue: HSRUK

Work completed under CLAHRC GM


Facilitating Successful Implementation of a Person-centred Intervention for Carer Assessment and Support: The Key Role of Champions
How Does Organisational Context and Staff Attitudes Impact on the Success of Implementating an Intervention to Identify and Address the Support Needs of Family Carers?
Investing in Family Carers: A Model for Practice Implementation of Carer Assessment and Support within Palliative Care (Plan, Pilot, Train, Sustain)
How Do Hours of Care and Caregiving Context Impact on the Psychological Distress and General Health of Family Carers of Patient with Cancer at End of Life?
Primary Care and Community Referral Routes into a Diabetes Prevention Programme
Enabling Collaborative Research: A qualitative longitudinal study of large-scale co-production.
Implementation of corneal confocal microscopy in primary care optometry practices for screening diabetic peripheral neuropathy: A feasibility and acceptability study
Development of guidance on the timeliness in response to acute kidney injury warning stage test results for adults in primary care: An appropriateness ratings evaluation

Acute Kidney Injury Event 2016

Presenter(s): Blakeman T

Venue: UK kidney week, Birmingham

Work completed under CLAHRC GM


Acute kidney injury: Education and awareness
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