The development of the Greater Manchester Heart Failure Investigation Tool (GM-HFIT)

What did we do?
We designed a package of work to improve the quality of care delivered by NHS primary care services to people with heart failure.

Why was it important?
Heart failure is a debilitating and complex condition that affects approximately 900,000 people in the UK. With increasing rates of coronary heart disease and the increasing longevity of the UK population, it is estimated that the burden of heart failure will grow over the coming decades and that the number of heart failure cases seen in general practices will rise rapidly. Heart failure also poses a significant economic burden, accounting for 2% of all NHS inpatient bed-days and 5% of all emergency medical admissions to hospital. Primary care teams play an essential role in the ongoing management of patients with heart failure. However, research suggested that heart failure was both underdiagnosed and misdiagnosed in primary care, and that appropriate drug therapy, the mainstay of heart failure management, was often suboptimal.

How did we do it?
We developed the GM-HIFT, a package made up of a series of key interlinked activities, including verification of existing heart failure registers, case-finding to identify patients that are ‘missing’ from heart failure registers, clinical education and facilitated quality improvement periods.


A number of documents were created and developed that provide GP practices and healthcare professionals with support and guidance to achieve improved heart failure management, these can be dowloaded from section below:

Who did we work with?

NHS Manchester CCG

NHS Wigan Borough CCG


Downloadable resources



More information
For more information please contact Lorraine Burey (Project Manager).

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