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Implementation of a heart failure alert card and implications for continuity of care

Presenter(s): Burey L

Venue: Health Services Research Network Symposium, Nottingham

Work completed under CLAHRC GM


The Greater Manchester Stroke Assessment Tool (GM-SAT)
“Critical friends”: The experience of integrating and developing patient and public involvement in an exploratory study of voluntary organisations and long-term condition management
Managing Your Health Together
Patients as partners: development of the post-stroke ‘Easy Access Toolkit’
CLAHRC GM 2014 poster

Presenter(s): N/A

Venue: Greater Manchester Primary Care Summit, Salford

Work completed under CLAHRC GM


Design, delivery and evaluation of IGT Care Call: a telephone-based, structured education programme to promote lifestyle and behaviour change to prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes
Development of an Electronic LTCs Integrated Assessment Tool
Designing ethnically and culturally inclusive research on multi morbidity
Conducting a randomised controlled trial of an intervention for depression for people with comorbid heart disease and/or diabetes in primary care
Improving the physical care of people with severe and enduring mental illness
Improving health outcomes for CKD patients in Greater Manchester
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